Central Illinois Mustangers:
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    You have reached the CENTRAL ILLINOIS MUSTANGERS home page. Our group was chartered as a Regional Mustang Club of America group in November of 1978. Our members are dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the FORD MUSTANG automobile in all forms!

    The majority of our members live in the central Illinois area, but, we have members across the country. NEW MEMBERS are always welcome. You do not have to own a Mustang to be a member and enjoy the benefits our club has to offer. Individual and Family MEMBERSHIP alike are only $20.00/year. We hold monthly MEETINGS and have a monthly newsletter. Every August we host a regional show in Springfield, Illinois.

    Being a regional club affiliate of the Mustang Club Of America we stay up to date on most things related to the Mustang hobby. Innovations, merchandise, shows, judging requirements, specs, etc. Someone in our club has or can find the answer to most Mustang related questions that come up. Feel free to attend one of our MEETINGS or EVENTS, meet some members and maybe even sign up! We currently have 120 families in our club membership.


    MCA National Show March 16-18
    Fri Mar 16

    Sun Mar 18 @01:30PM -

    Sun Apr 08 @01:30PM -

    Sun May 06 @01:30PM -

    MCA National Show May 25-27
    Fri May 25 @08:00AM -

    Sun Jun 03

    Sun Jul 08 @01:30PM -

    MCA National Show July 13-15
    Fri Jul 13

    Sun Aug 12 @01:30PM -

    Annual Mustang and All Ford Show
    Sun Aug 19 @08:00AM -

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